The Blue Gaze of an Obscenely Wealthy Infant
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It’s all about money, not freedom. You think you’re free? Try going somewhere without money.
- Bill Hicks (via giogoesrawrr)
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"Protests became violent when demonstrators threw a tear gas canister back at the police" will always be one of the clearest example of the fucked up way police violence is naturalized and legitimized.

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David Lynch made a nail polish commercial and it is pretty out there!

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Madlib - Stepping Into Tomorrow

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Tomorrow at 1 p.m. listen in to a dialogue and report on the Youth uprising in Ferguson. Solidarity and Respect for Ferguson on 90.7 KPFK fm. Join the dialogue; "If you heard this broadcast you can’t sayyou didn’t know”



Tomorrow at 1 p.m. listen in to a dialogue and report on the Youth uprising in Ferguson. Solidarity and Respect for Ferguson on 90.7 KPFK fm. 

Join the dialogue; 

"If you heard this broadcast you can’t say
you didn’t know”


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Portishead - All Mine


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Among the international artists supporting the Nationalists (fascists) were Gertrude Stein, Salvador Dali, and JRR Tolkien.

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"At the same time, the automakers Ford, Studebaker, and General Motors provided a total of 12,000 trucks to the Nationalists. After the war was over, José Maria Doussinague, who was at the time undersecretary at the Spanish Foreign Ministry said, "without American petroleum and American trucks, and American credit, we could never have won the Civil War."

OH. KAY. THEN. That definitely clears it up, thank you José.

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"On 6 January, the first opportunity after the winter break, both houses of Congress in the United States passed a resolution banning the export of arms to Spain.[66][nb 4] Those in opposition to the bill, including American socialists, communists and even many liberals, suggested that the export of arms to Germany and Italy should be halted also under the Neutrality Act of 1935, since foreign intervention constituted a state of war in Spain."

Wait we were selling arms to fascist Italy & Germany? And we didn’t stop?? So basically we were using them as a slush fund to support fascist rebels in Spain. Ohhhhhhhhh kay then……..

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"On 5 August 1936, the United States had made it known that it would follow a policy of non-intervention, but did not announce it officially.[10] This isolationism on the Spanish war would later be identified as disastrous by Under-Secretary of State Sumner Welles.[64] Five days later, the Glenn L. Martin Company enquired whether the government would allow the sale of eight bombers to the Republicans; the response was negative. It also confirmed it would not take part in several mediation attempts, including by the Organization of American States.[10]"

b-b-but… our oil companies gave Franco free oil! Did they ask permission from the US gov’t too? Hmmmm

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"When the Civil War erupted, Secretary of State Cordell Hull followed American neutrality laws and moved quickly to ban arms sales to either side. From the outset the Nationalists received important support from some elements of American business. The American-owned Vacuum Oil Company in Tangier, for example, refused to sell to Republican ships and at the outbreak of the war, the Texas Oil Company rerouted oil tankers headed for the republic to the Nationalist controlled port of Tenerife,[63] and supplied gasoline on credit to Franco until the war’s end."

ZUH…?!?!? “We won’t help the democratically elected government but our companies will totally give shit to the fascists… For free even! Fuck yeah non-intervention!”

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omg I’m reading about American involvement in the Spanish Civil War and my head is reeeeeling from our total fucking bullshit. More updates to come.

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